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Welcome. Hello!

Hello. Welcome to my blog!

You might have landed here because you’ve been a faithful reader of my previously published newsletter – in which case please let me thank you for your loyalty and for joining me on the next leg of this journey. When we started writing the newsletter 18months ago we never imagined we’d get so much interest and what started out as a couple of hundred readers soon became many thousands. I’m thrilled so many people are interested in Eating Disorders and Mental Health – but it quickly meant we needed a new way to connect with you – and here it is!

If you are new to me, and have never read my newsletter (back issues viewable HERE), I’m delighted you have chosen to join us and I hope you will stick around. If you havn’t already you can read a little bit more about me (Kel) by heading over to the ‘About me‘ page.

As the blog grows you can expect lots of updates, news and information about Eating Disorders and Mental Health (perhaps with a sprinkle of other things) – and I really hope you will contribute by asking questions, sharing on social media, and commenting. A blog can allow us much more scope for conversing and sharing ideas, but only if you choose to join in. Please keep it friendly. While we might not all always agree everyone’s thoughts and comments are valid


So let’s get started….


4 thoughts on “Welcome. Hello!

  1. Sandra

    Well done Kel, and yes I am a faithful reader of your wonderful newsletter. However technology moves on and to have a more immediate source of what is happening in the ever changing world of health is fantastic. All the best.

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