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New Year confession & some exciting news

I have a confession to make….  I’m a little bit of a workaholic.  In my defence, I’d like to note, however, that this is because I’m lucky enough to love the work that I do.  Plus, a good proportion of my working life is spent in my pyjamas (not during counselling sessions I might add!); completing tasks such as writing articles, blogs, and planning training.  However, in mid to late 2017 (as a consequence of some time off for surgery), I took stock of my need to get more organised, and work on more of a work/life balance.

One of my New Year intentions (I don’t like to call them resolutions, because, who ever sticks to those?) is to set up a stricter schedule – for example, I want to work on trying to publish at least one blog post a week.

The aim of setting up a more specific schedule is to have a more productive working week (less unsubscribed time to waste scrolling my twitter feed!), and time explicitly set aside to do nonwork-related things.  More work, more play, the same effort.

Last week I made a huge commitment to this plan when I GOT A PUPPY!!!  Let me introduce Tilly, let’s call her my HR Manager.  Ha!  (You can see more of Tilly on her very own Instagram @TenaciousTilly)


I don’t very often write about my own experience of mental health illness here – but Tilly is actually a gift to mark 10 years of my own recovery.  She’s part of my commitment to living; to embracing life, to loving, to saying YES, and an indication of my ability to accept responsibilities and to manage them.  Yup, all of that thought really did go into inviting her into my life.

A second exciting thing to tell you is that I am again a finalist in the UK Blog Awards!  This year I am entered under the Health and Social Care Company category – and I will be heading to London for the Award ceremony on April 20th.  I have no idea if I will win, and frankly, I am just thrilled that I’ve been nominated three years in a row, and short listed twice.  I cant thank those that support my blog enough, and especially those that took the time to vote for me.

I am immensely passionate about my work, and appreciate any opportunity to keep raising awareness, and offering support.

If there are any topics you would love to see me blog about, don’t forget to leave them in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “New Year confession & some exciting news

  1. Hannah Rushbrooke

    You continue to amazing me! On my instagram feed it came up with ‘suggested’ people to follow, one of them being Tilly! I did wonder who on earth it was haha.

    Anyway, you amaze me with your hard work too and I am so proud of you and pleased your work on this blog is being recognised.

    Be sure to keep to your intentions and impose that balance. And have another intention, come see me!

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