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Devastated – cancelled trip

dripIf you follow me on twitter, you may already be aware that I didn’t make my planned trip to Prague, for the Weight Stigma Conference and International Conference of Eating Disorders, on Monday 5th June.  Instead I found myself stuck in hospital, with appendicitis, awaiting surgery.

I am literally devastated that I couldn’t make the trip.  I’d been looking forward to attending for months; I was supporting the conference as a volunteer and was really keen to bring back tons of knowledge to the blog, to my training events, and to my research.  Since the UK often feels left-behind in relation to Eating Disorder work, I was raring to make some new connections, open up some channels of communication, and ultimately begin to consider my path forward from here – including looking at PhD ideas.  However, this time around it was not meant to be.

On a positive note and given the current political climate, I can do nothing more than praise the NHS for the care that I received. When I presented myself to A&E at 2:30am on Monday morning, I had no idea what was wrong with me, and had nothing more than a couple of vague symptoms. However, within 4 hours I had been admitted, had a blood test (which indicated some signs of infection) and was placed on a ward awaiting more tests.  Fast-forward another 24 hours and I’d had a scan, been diagnosed, had my operation and was back on the ward coming to from the aesthetic.  The NHS might not be perfect – and the ward I was on was certainly understaffed – but almost everyone was truly doing the best they could.  Ultimately, I got the surgery I needed, when I needed it and before things got critical.teddyhospital2

So now, I am finally home and just beginning to recuperate.  I will be taking a little bit of time off from work, to look after myself and get back on my feet.  Hopefully when the AED team return from Prague, I’ll get the opportunity to see some of the conference material and with a bit of luck, maybe I’ll be with them in Chicago for the conference next year


6 thoughts on “Devastated – cancelled trip

  1. STELLA Neophytou

    Get well soon Kel. Don’t worry about what you missed it will come round again and at a time where you are well and fully energized.

  2. Sarah Baimbridge

    Aww get well soon Kel! Such a shame to miss Prague (beautiful city) and the conference. But more important to look after you. Well done Nhs for getting you sorted quickly too.


    1. Kel Post author

      Thanks Yvonne. Finally feeling back to my usual self this week. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the next opening door!

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