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A little ‘Kel O’Neill HQ’ update

Another couple of weeks have passed since my last blog post – and here at ‘Kel O’Neill HQ’, an abundance of planning and organisation is taking place.  If you’ve been following my work for a while (thank you!) then you will have noticed over the last couple of years the fluctuation in publicly-visible projects that I’m involved in; 2014 was FULL with public workshops, while these in 2015 took a back seat to ‘In House’ projects (when a company has me in to deliver training to their staff) – which, in turn, spilled into early 2016.

Mid-2016 has been spent (in addition to in-house workshops) thinking about the best way forward and working on some exciting projects that will hopefully come to fruition in 2017 (watch this space).  Now, we find ourselves in a new academic year.  Yvonne and I have ‘rolled up our sleeves’ and are working hard at making 2017 our most impact-full yet.

I am 100% aware that many ‘followers’ (does that mean you?) have been asking for my Eating planning2017Disorder Workshops to be presented in cities close to you – and there has been a lack of publicly bookable events during the last 18 months because of my involvement with other agencies.  Fear not – in 2017 we hope to be coming to your region!  We really are working on balancing the calendar and trying (TRYING!) to make everyone happy, and more importantly, Eating Disorder-aware!

So this week, the office desk looks like something straight out of a stationary warehouse as we attempt to streamline the decision-making process about where we (and the workshops) go next.

If you aren’t already aware, we do have an Eating Disorder Workshop 1 happening in Warrington on 21st November – this event has filled so quickly that I have barely done any advertising, and with 4 places left, I probably won’t get a chance to do so!   I therefore suggest that, if you are intending to book, you should email me RIGHT NOW!  We also have both levels of Workshops running in Nottingham in November and December – and these events are being hosted by Park Counselling

So, in the coming month or so, you can expect to see the firming up of the 2017 calendar (which is already looking pretty full) and, if you want to see a workshop in your city, you need to let me know, or you might miss out.  We will be adding public events only in cities where we have had multiple requests to deliver them, because we simply can’t go everywhere every year, in between the juggling of our clients, in-house workshops, conferences, events and other projects.

To get the best out of me as a resource, you need to communicate your needs to me.  Ask for events in your city.  Ask for blog posts on topics that you care about – and don’t forget to subscribe, comment and share these posts when you enjoy them.

Eating Disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental health illness and I NEED YOU to help me make a difference.

2 thoughts on “A little ‘Kel O’Neill HQ’ update

  1. Katie

    You’re coming to Warrington?! I hope it’s an excellent session, maybe I’ll look into starting therapy again after you’ve been down here to workshop.

    1. Kel Post author

      I certainly am. The events been really popular and I have 1 space left! I’d be more than happy to pass on details of a Counsellor who had attended my training if any turn out to be local to you. I do also plan to do the ‘next step’ which is specifically about therapeutic application sometime in the spring as well.

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