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Training & CPD

Nelson Mandela once said that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Well, I’m not exactly aiming to change the world, but I do believe that education is a vital component in improving the support and care offered to those with Eating Disorders or any other mental health concerns. I offer workshops on the topic of Eating Disorders, as well as my new venture which is counselling skills for manual therapists.

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Training Testimonials:
Merseyside GP
Merseyside GPNHS
The most powerful GP course of all time.   This will make me better able to service my next patient with an ED
Dr Sharon Brimfield-Edwards
Dr Sharon Brimfield-Edwards
Kel is an excellent trainer and I would not hesitate to recommend this course
Sarah Baimbridge
Sarah Baimbridge
I really enjoyed your presenting style and willingness to engage in a genuine way. I felt welcomed and that you imparted your knoweldge really easily. Thank you
WayneHigh School Teacher
Well planned and structured with an inspirational speaker
Colleen Swinden
Colleen SwindenCounsellor
After not working in the field of EDs since 1999 this was a brilliant way to update my skills and connect with like-minded professionals. The combination of formal training and experiential work makes this a very enjoyable and informative course.
Stella Neophytou
Stella NeophytouCounsellor, AGE UK
I think this is by far the most beneficial training that I have attended.    Thank you for putting together a concise and informative presentation which challenged and engaged
ChristinePractice Nurse
I was doing a lot of the "Don’ts" with my patients – just desperately wanting them to eat and not become physically unwell.    I am going to approach my next consultation quite differently.
AmandaStudent MH Nurse
This workshop should be available for all MH nursing students as it is extremely beneficial

Eating Disorder Workshops / CPD

We are told Eating Disorders are ‘complex’ and ‘difficult to treat’ and this means stigma, avoidance and a lack of awareness. I therefore have worked really hard to condense much of what I have learnt in the last 10+ years of volunteering and working in this field into the following workshops:





Counselling Skills for Manual Therapists

CPD for Osteopaths and other physical health therapists. I have spent the last 3 years based within an Osteopathic clinic, and quickly became aware of how much emotional and mental health work can become part of your experience with patients. If this sounds familiar then this is the workshop for you!


My workshops have become well-respected and highly rated