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Last minute gifts – mental health edition

I’m here today with some last minute gift suggestions that are mental health friendly; this means that all the items below can be great for mental health self-care in some way. I’m making these suggestions with Christmas in mind and have included items only when next day delivery (i.e. in time for Christmas) is an option if you are in the UK. However, these gifts are all suitable for any time of the year, whether you are buying them for yourself or someone else. The gifts below are also all between £5 and £25 so hopefully won’t break the bank.

First up we have Adult Colouring Books:

I have picked out this colouring book specifically because it is full of inspirational messages. However, colouring books have been the height of calming and distracting self-help suggestions for the last year or so – so there are plenty of alternatives to be found. If adult colouring books are new to you (and sounds a bit childlike) then let me explain why they are great for your mental health. A fine detail activity like colouring requires your brain to stay present and focused – consider it a type of meditation.



There are also slightly more involved versions that combine the mediation of colouring with a more active journaling experience as Colouring Journals:

Next up we have a Jar of Smiles:

You don’t actually have to buy one of these – you could just as easily make a totally personalised one. You could fill your jar with just about anything – your favourite inspirational messages, some words or encouragement, hopes for the future – anything. Whether you are hand making or purchasing something like this it is definitely a gift that suggests you were thinking about the emotional wellbeing of the recipient

The next suggestion might sound a little bit 80’s, but you only have to take a scan over Instagram or pop over to Etsy to see that they are making a total comeback and that is lapel pins. (Follow the link to find lots of options, the featured pin can be found HERE) Not just any lapel pins but inspirational, humorous and very cute lapel pins. These are perfect for taking a little bit of happiness with you wherever you go, and wearing your heart on your sleeve is an actual option.

Talking of wearing your heart on your sleeve – you could also wear your inspiration plastered in size 40 font across your chest with a slogan t-shirt (‘mens’ and ‘women’s‘ style cuts).

Slogan T Shirt 'You Make Me Smile''Make Things Happen' T Shirt

My personal favourite, however, is to get my top quotes on cute mugs, they say a cup of tea can solve anything and while that might be a gross over exaggeration in certainly seems more likely with a mug like this:

Learn To Dance In The Rain Mug

My last mental health edition gift guide suggestion might not make it in time for Christmas, but would arrive just to help beat those January blues. This is the Buddy Box.


Buddy box’s are created by the charity ‘Blurt’ and are a box containing 5 items selected specifically with mental health self-care in mind. You can buy these as a one-off, or as a rolling monthly subscription. All the details can be found HERE.

Happy shopping!

Please note – if you use the Amazon affiliate links I make a tiny % of any sales. Every penny helps me to keep doing what I’m doing!


2 thoughts on “Last minute gifts – mental health edition

  1. Ian

    Loved your blog. In these days of commercialisation sometimes it seems that we get presents for people just so we can tick our own ‘To Do’ list – and let’s be honest, most of them are gone in a week, i.e. chocolates and ‘smellies’. How nice to have something that makes you smile to carry you into the ‘January Blues’ and beyond. p.s. I don’t begrudge you the meagre % that you get from Amazon – because anything that helps you continue is fantastic in my eyes.

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