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Scales are for fish

Today I stumbled upon the creative talent and recovery inspiration that is Yasmine Salt.  Yasmine is in recovery from Anorexia Nervosa and is making wonderful ‘leave the scales to the fish bracelets’ for charity.

scalesbracelet“Scales are for fish” is a common motivational quote used by those recovering from an Eating Disorder; which is basically a fun and concise way of saying you don’t need to weigh yourself every day – you are worth so much more than that….and therefore ‘leave the scales to the fish’. (fish have scales, get it? Good!)

Wearing the bracelet could be a great reminder and encouragement for someone in recovery, or perhaps you just want to support the cause by wearing one.

The proceeds from selling the bracelets are going to Rharian Fields, the Eating Disorder Unit in Grimsby, which is where Yasmine has herself been treated. I must say, it’s pretty rare that I hear people saying positive things about Eating Disorder Units – so it must be a great service for Yasmine to put so much effort into giving back with this fundraising effort.

You can buy the bracelets online HERE, for just £3.50 each.

Yasmine is hoping to sell 120 of her bracelets – but I’m sure we can help her exceed that aim. I’ve put my order in already, and I’d love to hear in the comments if you have also.

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