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Patch Reynolds – another life lost

Deaths in the Eating Disorder community are far too common, and are felt like a hurricane.   The force of grief causes devastation, and reminds us why we work so hard to build awareness, offer care and promote recovery.   This past Monday the community lost yet another bright star; Pandora “Patch” Reynolds – an out spoken mental health advocate of just 21 years of age.

PatchAt this point in time the police have deemedPatch’s death as non-suspicious, but a referral has been made for a sudden death enquiry.   So whilst we can’t yet say whether or not Patch’s personal struggles with an Eating Disorder were to blame for her death – we must acknowledge that an Eating Disorder severely compromises physical health, and when your body is struggling even common illnesses can result in death.

Whatever the reason is, I just wanted to take a moment to honour Patch by making this post.   I have been in contact with a friend of hers, who felt that she would have wholeheartedly agreed with her story being shared and awareness continuing to be raised.   I would also like to thank Patch for all her efforts in talking openly and continually raising the profile of mental health in her limited years.

I send out my deepest sympathies to her family and friends.

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