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Growing evidence for a multi-factorial cause of Anorexia

Anyone who has attended any of my training – and especially my ‘Eating Disorder Workshop 2’ – will know that I teach based on a multi-factorial model; indicating that a complex weave of genetic, biological, psychological, experiential and social factors combine together in the development of an Eating Disorder. This is a presentation that I see daily with clients and one which I have very strongly advocated for years.

I am not alone in this belief.  Nonetheless, many professionals tend to choose a ‘side’ and believe that Eating Disorders are genetic, or that Eating Disorders are caused by trauma. There have been lots of ‘either / or’ arguments in the field over the years.

causesHowever, we now finally have ‘hard’ scientific evidence (evidence that comes from something more scientifically measurable than clinic observations) that supports this multi-factorial model. Researchers at Columbia University Medical School have successfully replicated the combined factors required to ‘cause’ an Eating Disorder by controlling specific genetic expressions, nutrition and stress levels in mice.  They found that the anorexic type response is only present in mice when all of those factors are applied together.

If you want to know all the details of the research you can head HERE to read it.

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3 thoughts on “Growing evidence for a multi-factorial cause of Anorexia

  1. STELLA Neophytou

    This scientific study is no surprise, all mental health issues are multi factorial. This is proven by the fact that many people may have trauma and stress in their lives, however each person has their own way of dealing with these issues depending on their outlook, support network, genetics and general environmental influences. The important thing with all mental health issues is to see the person in front of you and work in a way that values and supports their frame of reference to the world, hopefully allowing them to see the choices they have more clearly.

  2. Eating Disorder

    well informed these basic factors give a grow to eating disorders the combined counseling may help to omit eating disorder and move the minds towards other curriculum and professional activities.

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