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Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2016

If you didn’t already know its EATING DISORDER AWARENESS WEEK 2016!


I’ve held off posting because you will find Eating Disorders ALL over the media this week, and have plenty of opportunity to learn a little about the subject through all the various outlets. For me, and here at the blog, this is topic of conversation and discussion seven days a week. I don’t need an excuse to talk about a collection of disorders that ravage the lives of my clients, and which are the mental health illnesses with the highest mortality rate.

However, as the week draws to a close I want to offer you a little bit of a roundup:

B-eat (UK Eating Disorder Charity) this week released research which looks at Eating Disorders in the Workplace – significantly they looked into how individuals with these illnesses felt they were supported at work. You can read all the information HERE.

Additionally, B-eat, along with the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion also released a best practice guide for employers which can be downloaded ON THEIR WEBSITE.

The company ‘The Cut’ released film clips illustrating how individuals with Eating Disorders attach different meaning to words such as ‘fat’, and attempting to show how when unwell these sort of terms become short hand for negative self-talk. You can learn more and watch the clips HERE.

I personally was interviewed by radio stations Capital and Heart FM and this was aired throughout the week – I will update with a link when this becomes available online

Lastly for Counsellors you will be able to find the recording of my Onlinevents live interview (Free CPD) for the week available HERE on Onlinevents library very soon

Do go and have a look at all the links, and let me know if you saw something else interesting that I might have missed!

If thinking about the topics leads to you deciding its time you learnt more, attended a workshop or educated your team don’t hesitate to get in touch. We still have some availability between April and November for events this year.

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