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Bite Sized by Fiona Hamilton – Review

Recently I had the privilege of receiving a copy of Fiona Hamilton’s book ‘Bite Size; A Mothers Journey alongside Anorexia’ and skimmed quickly through the pages of Fiona’s experience of supporting her child in the depths of an awful Eating Disorder.

Bite Sized cover image

As I read I felt both Fiona and her daughter’s pain, the fracturing of sanity as they stagger into the unknown and witness Fiona express, in prose, in poetry and through simple words, the experience shared by many of the parents I have spoken with over the years.

When I read through the book more slowly a second time, I found it offers great space which allows the reader an opportunity to think, process, and relate.

While this book does not provide a detailed account, a step by step experience or a complete journey, what it does offer is quite beautiful in its difference.  As a poet, Fiona knows how to capture a moment that may otherwise be wordless.  Many readers supporting a loved one may find great relief in the echo of an experience shared, and professionals may benefit from hearing a real and vulnerable account of what this experience feels like.

You can purchase the book on Amazon for just £8.99

You will find more texts that I reccomend under the book list section of the blog – Happy reading.

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