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UK Blog Awards 17 Debrief

Last night, as you might be aware, I attended the UK Blog Awards 2017 where I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the Health and Social Care category. As the hosts Chessie King and C.Krets put it, these awards are basically the “Blogger Grammys”, so although I didn’t win I was just really happy to be one of the top eight in my group.

I am more than aware that the topics I write about here are not typical, mainstream, blogging content (but dialogue around Eating Disorders IS improving). I’m only two years into this experience, and frankly still figuring it out. All I want to do is use my experience and voice to educate, and hopefully motivate, a few people on a topic that is highly important to me.  I always hope for more communication and engagement from you – the readers – and am very appreciative that so many people took a few minutes from their busy lives to vote for me. THANK YOU.

Here are a few snaps from the night












So, really this post is just here to mark this mile stone in my blogging life and to direct you to a few others who were short listed, that I think you might enjoy. Please do go and check out their sites, and tell them that I sent you.

Mental Health Stories

As written by fellow stigma fighting blogger Kay Ska this blog works to show that anyone can be affected my mental illness. Kay is brave enough to share openly her own journey and was highly commended for her entry


This one is an all-around resource for mental health and wellbeing – you’ll find a bit of everything here!

Hannah Witton

This charismatic woman is a vlogger, rather than a blogger, and makes great content on relationships, sex and sexual health. Why wouldn’t I want to support a woman who talks so openly and honestly about something which so many feel insecure? Hannah also took went away as a Blog Awards winner!

Research the Headlines

This one is a team effort and a bit more of an academic endeavour as a blog about research, the media’s portrayal of research and how to make sense of all that.

These were my ‘top picks’ but you can also find a full list of all the finalists and winners HERE. Congratulations to everyone listed.

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