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About me

Hi there,

I’m Kel O’Neill; a Counsellor, Trainer, Supervisor and Eating Disorder Recovery Activist. I’m here to share my passion for Eating Disorder Awareness and all things Mental Health.


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When I’m not here writing this blog I can usually be found working with Counselling clients within a health clinic in the North West of England as well as Counselling online and travelling around the country running our Eating Disorder Workshops or delivering bespoke training to schools, colleges, private industry or groups of like-minded individuals.

I’m also lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak at events and conferences and work with lots of lovely people on other exciting and related projects. I actually can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve been involved in Eating Disorders and Mental Health for over 10 years now!

I hope you’ll continue to read this blog, as well as share and comment. The only way we can increase knowledge, beat stigma, and help those in need is to keep talking – so use your voice!

If you want to check out my credentials, or find out more about working with me as your Counsellor or Supervisor you can pop over to my main website – I’d be more than happy to discuss your requirements.



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